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Are you looking for high quality hose supplies? Look no further than your local industry specialists in Western Australia – Henderson Hose & Fittings. With more than 12 years of supplying the mining, marine, construction and engineering sectors, we are well positioned as the best industrial hose and fittings suppliers  in the market. We have the knowledge and experience, combined with a skilled team to ensure you get reliable products, solid advice and excellent service at all times. Enquire today.

Wide Range of Products to Suit All Requirements

Whether you require a high pressure hose for a multi-million-dollar project, or a speciality product  or two, we’re available to assess your unique requirements and tailor a custom solution that ticks all the boxes – first time round.

At Henderson Hose & Fittings, we never compromise on the quality of our merchandise. If you’re not sure what you require, just contact our knowledgeable staff – they’ll put you on the right track and explain exactly what you need, quote you on it, and then supply it. You’re also welcome to pop into our showroom and browse our hose supplies and fittings products for yourself.

Some of our products include:

• Premium ducting hoses ideal for applications involving air, dust collection, fume removal, lightweight material handling, severe service and high temperature hose applications. We’re your most trusted ducting pipe suppliers.
• Super strength lay flat hoses that are weather resistant, flexible and lightweight – perfect for application in multiple industries.
• A wide selection of general products such as pressure hose fittings, claw coupling, fire equipment, and gauges, that prove invaluable to those in the mining, marine, construction and engineering fields.

On top of all this, we’re specialist silicone radiator and rubber hose suppliers, and with hosing options that conduct air under extremely high pressures, you might as well call us your local air hose suppliers, too.

Reliable and Efficient Customer Service

We understand that in order to run your business smoothly, you need suppliers you can count on. This is why we provide seamless customer service that allows you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of all your hose and fittings requirements.

Our team has the experience necessary to identify, supply and expedite the goods and services you need at the prices you deserve. This includes supplying a variety of hose supplies such as marine hoses, barfell hoses and rubber hoses.

Specialty Supplier to the Marine Sector

We stock Seaflo Marine & RV Pumps specially tailored for the marine market. This means an added convenience for you with no need to shop around for high pressure hoses, pumps or fittings elsewhere.

Hose Fittings

Whatever type of hose fittings and couplings you require, we are experts in the field. With more than 12 years of supplying the marine and mining industries, we’re confident in finding you a long lasting and affordable solution. Our clients usually phone us first, as they know they can rely on us for speedy service and excellent-quality products.

Bilge Pumps

Our range of marine pumps are in high demand from our marine-oriented clients, who know they can rely on us for a quick and affordable supply of suitable pumps.

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