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Henderson Hose & Fittings is not just a specialist when it comes to hosing. We know that the story doesn’t end with the perfect hose, because something needs to hold everything in place – and it’s usually a hose clamp.

But the question remains – what’s the best hose clamp for your situation? Finding the perfect answer can seem impossible without the right advice. Our specialist team has been doing this for long enough to know exactly what you’re looking for, even if you can’t find the perfect words to describe it.

We stock a range of T bolt clamps, made from stainless steel and known for their ability to secure pipes and hoses at extremely high pressures – together with a selection of wide hose clamps and hose clamps for heavy duty requirements. If you need to connect (or couple) a hose to another hose, tap or hose appliance, then our hose pipe coupling options below will do the trick.

Contact our team of highly-trained specialists today for a tailored solution built over 12 years of supplying fittings and parts to maritime and mining businesses in Western Australia.

  • clamp 150x150

    General Clamps

  • Marine Grade W5 Worm Drive Clamp

  • Pipe Coupling

  • T-Bolt Clamp