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Can you use a rubber hose for a fuel line?

Although this is a much-debated topic, the answers seem to vary. While most information claims that rubber is not a full-proof alternative to chrome or Teflon, most factory in-pump tanks use small sections of rubber hose that successfully connect the fuel sender to the pump. But why aren’t rubber hoses used in full length when it comes to transferring large amounts of fuel?

In many cases, a fuel line is a hose used to bring fuel from one point in a vehicle to another or from a storage tank to a vehicle’s engine and is commonly made up of reinforced rubber to prevent splitting and kinking. So it has its benefits – but this is still on a small scale. Some fuel lines aren’t feeding vehicles and are often being used in large factory setups that require them to withstand extremely demanding environments.

The best advice that we could give you is to contact one of our Henderson Hose & Fittings specialists for some expert advice. We’ll assess your situation telephonically and give you the information you need to better understanding the different ways of utilising rubber hosing – whether for fuel, gas, dust, liquid and all other possible mediums. We consider safety to be one of the most important aspects of any application, whether it’s within our own business activities or yours. We provide high quality products and services, ticking the box of all regulatory requirements and safety standards in Australia.